BioGaia Production is critical for BioGaia’s operations. A large proportion of our most important product, drops, is manufactured here.

This is why in response to Covid-19 we quickly took a number of measures to ensure production, product quality and employee safety. These included extended hygiene and cleaning routines and we introduced both a ban on visitors to the plant and a strict quarantine policy. Face masks were also mandatory for employees. At the slightest sign of symptoms, or if a family member was at risk of becoming infected, the employee was not allowed to come into work. This led to a shortage of staff which was a challenge from time to time. Thanks to our flexible and loyal employees, however, we managed to keep production going and I am proud to say that throughout 2020 we produced and delivered entirely according to plan.

During the past year, we installed three new production lines – new machines for BioGaia Protectis minipack, a totally new line the manufacture of tablets in bottles and a capsule filler. Even during a ‘normal’ year the installation of new equipment and training employees in its use puts some strain on the business. During a year in which we also needed to separate the external installation team from our own employees, the challenges were even greater. We solved this by giving the installers their own entrance and coffee room.

One challenge has been keeping employees motivated since these adjustments were very trying for them. Although we will probably have to keep our extraordinary routines for a while longer, I am glad the year is over. Now I look forward to an exciting 2021 in the spirit of expansion,

Peter Persson,
Managing Director
BioGaia Production