You were elected to BioGaia’s Board in 2020, tell us a little about your background.
I studied International Economics and Management at Università L. Bocconi in Milan from where I have a Bachelor’s degree. I then studied business and market strategy and decision psychology at HEC in Paris.

My first job was an internship in the non-profit organisation Fund for Peace in Washington DC, where I wrote a market plan for the project Better Business for Better Communities. It was there that my interest in uniting target-driven organisations with business-based methods and strategies was born.

When I returned to Europe, I turned to BioGaia’s distributor in France and successfully launched BioGaia’s products as marketing manager for the distributor at the time, Bioethic. I then became a Business Controller at H&M.

With my focus on business development and as the daughter of one of BioGaia’s founders, my next step was a position as Regional Sales Manager at BioGaia. There I was responsible for major markets such as Italy and France as well as a launch in Brazil.

When I then wished to continue to develop outside the company, in line with my interest in leadership, the position of COO at the leadership development company Iero popped up. In conjunction with this development period I combined my passion for entrepreneurship with my desire to develop ideas. I then applied to return to the H&M Group this time with a focus on integrating sustainability into the core business. Since 2016 I have worked in various global positions within sustainability, most recently as group manager for steering and development with a focus on circular business models. In December 2020, I became employed as Chief Innovation Officer at Itsapark, the H&M Group’s new digital enterprise within sustainable lifestyle, based in Berlin.

My interest in sustainable business creation was formed in an entrepreneurial family with strong values based on ideas and openness. Growing up in the French countryside, nature is an important part of my life and I really enjoy mountains on skis in deep snow or hiking. Family and friends are equally important and since I recently moved to Berlin, I am looking forward to settling here.

What can you bring to BioGaia’s Board?
Through my sound experience in the field of sustainability from one of the really major players and in an industry of great complexity and high pace, I hope to be able to contribute with strategic sustainability thinking, innovative creation and guidance in governance-related issues.

Vanessa Rothschild