A healthy business

BioGaia’s values are the cornerstones of the business and help to ensure that all employees embrace the highest standards in everything the company does. Ensuring good business ethics, taking a clear stand on respect for human rights and accepting responsibility for the environmental impact of the company’s operations are fundamental and highlighted in BioGaia’s Code of Conduct.

In 2020, all employees were involved in defining the company’s new values and an internal Code of Conduct was implemented. This includes not only the company’s key ethical standards but also sustainability ambitions and commitments. During 2020, 

BioGaia also implemented a whistleblower system and all employees in the Group received anti-corruption training. BioGaia’s ambition for 2021 is to further develop this web-based training. Further steps will be taken to evaluate specific risks in different parts of the business and for different roles in the organisation.

The life-cycle assessment also means that an updated, more comprehensive carbon footprint can be reported. BioGaia compensates for all emissions, but in addition has an ambition to reduce its own impact in the value chain. Action has now been taken against many of the company’s main emission sources. Phasing out palm oil in the products will reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by more than 150 tonnes annually. Work on identifying more sustainable packaging solutions has been intensified and BioGaia has committed to reduce business travel by 30% with 2019 as the base year. Reductions have also been achieved during the year by ensuring that only green energy is used in BioGaia’s offices and production facilities in Sweden.