A healthy workplace

BioGaia strives to promote a healthy environment in the workplace to enable the employees to thrive. By engaging and inspiring employees to be the best version of themselves, both employees and the business benefit.

Culture is a strong motivating factor and lies at the heart of what drives the business. At BioGaia this is summarised as ‘Do good and have fun’. During the year BioGaia has invested further in developing this culture and employees across the company have been involved in shaping the definition of BioGaia’s new values. Work on implementing these values continues in 2021.

BioGaia strives to be an attractive workplace for everyone. An organisation that is characterised by diversity and inclusion not only reflects values but is also vital for commercial success. In 2020, BioGaia was one of 65 (out of 335) companies listed as green by the Albright Foundation, which rates Swedish listed companies based on equality in the management team.

BioGaia has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religious beliefs everyone must be treated with the same respect and dignity. During the year, a new policy and diversity plan for 2020 to 2023 was introduced as well as a new action plan covering discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

BioGaia shall also offer all its employees good development opportunities. The company has a tool for structured performance reviews, which is also used to ensure the quality of follow-up. Carrying out these reviews is a key component in ensuring that employees perceive that their efforts are appreciated and that they develop. In 2020, 84% (81%) of employees had such a review with their immediate manager.

In line with BioGaia’s strategy, a leadership development programme was started in 2020. Physical meetings are key for the successful implementation of cultural changes which meant that part of the programme had to be postponed due to the pandemic. 2020 was therefore focused on those modules that could be managed in a digital environment and the aim is to continue this work in 2021.