You were elected to BioGaia’s Board in 2020, tell us a little about your background.
I was born in Iran but came to Sweden when I was six. I studied business administration at Lund University and Kristianstad University. After my studies, I moved to Stockholm and worked in the marketing departments of Make Up Store and Notar. I then joined Aftonbladet and Schibsted where I held several leading positions including running Sofis Mode and The You Way. From there I applied for management roles with technology companies Wrapp and Acast and in 2018 took over as CEO of Bambuser.

At Bambuser I was initially an interim CEO at a time when the company was struggling with the existing product focused towards media companies. Bambuser had built a fantastic live video technology but had not managed to commercialise it. A few months later we identified a live shopping trend in China and used Bambuser’s basic technology to create the western world’s leading product within live shopping. Through our product range we are now driving the transition in retail and the development of the next generation’s online shopping. This is an exciting industry in which things move fast and this suits me perfectly.

What can you bring to BioGaia’s Board?
I hope I can contribute with the speed and energy from the start-up world. Thanks to my operational job, I will be able to contribute with expertise but also with my global network to continue building BioGaia’s digital channels with a focus on increased brand awareness and a strong positioning, where D2C will be a driving channel in BioGaia’s journey going forward.

Maryam Ghahremani