2020 was a tough year in Turkey and the Middle East. Turkey, BioGaia’s most established and largest market in the region, was hit by lockdowns and restrictions and the entire pharmaceutical and food supplement market suffered.

“Online sales of medicines and food supplements are not established in Turkey. Here BioGaia’s drops are primarily recommended by doctors. This meant that our sales fell during the first half. At the end of the year, however, we could see a recovery and we are proud to have retained our market-leading position for drops despite intense competition from many strong international brands,” says Tunc Kurtoglu, Key Account Manager Turkey, Israel, North Africa and Middle East. “Our partner Eczacibasi plans to launch BioGaia Gastrus and Prodentis during 2021 and with the broader portfolio we expect increased sales in Turkey in 2021.”

“Our partner in Israel, Pharmabest, was quick to establish online retail channels for the products. This strategy proved successful and at the end of 2020, following tough restrictions that affected sales, these started to rise again. Currently Protectis drops and tablets are the only products in Israel but Pharmabest plans to launch more products during 2021 which we hope will contribute to a further rise in sales.”

Tunç Kurtoğlu
Key Account Manager Turkey, Israel, North Africa and Middle East

Born in Turkey, lives in Stockholm, Sweden

In the Middle Eastern markets BioGaia’s products compete in pharmacies with cheap probiotic products. The lack of digital sales channels also contributes to the difficulty of establishing and increasing business in this region. A new strategy is planned for 2021 which hopefully will contribute to positive development.