The USA was hard hit by Covid-19. Such comprehensive changes in American society have not been seen since the second world war. All states have been affected differently but a common factor is that online shopping has beaten all previous records. 2020 was a record year for BioGaia, the best ever in the USA and Canada. Product sales under the BioGaia brand grew at record speed, especially in the USA.

“The business model of our partner Everidis, which focuses on online rather than traditional pharmacy sales, has proved both reliable and highly successful during the pandemic,” says Joakim Annwall, Regional Director BioGaia Biologics Inc. in North America. “Our American consumers have switched from physical pharmacies to online stores. This move started before the pandemic but has accelerated as a result of the restrictions.”

Everidis has an established omnichannel strategy. Marketing to consumers is almost exclusively digital on Amazon and other online retail platforms as well as on social media. Doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals are targeted by medical marketing.

The year saw the launch of BioGaia Prodentis Kids, an oral health product for children aged three and above. Reception especially from paediatricians has been very positive. They see Prodentis Kids as a valuable supplement for children with caries, for example.

Joakim Annwall
Regional Director BioGaia Biologics Inc.

Born in Sweden, lives in Miami, USA

For Everidis the launch is a way of broadening the portfolio towards an established target group. Prodentis lozenges for adults were launched in 2019. Both oral health products have shown good sales development in the past year, Everidis expects continued positive development in 2021.

In spring 2021 three completely new products will be launched within the immune area, for infants, older children and adults. “We see significant growth in the immune market in the USA and therefore great potential for BioGaia with these products,” concludes Joakim.